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Welcome to the Vantage PPO provider search page. This listing is updated Monday through Friday and is the most up to date source for provider participation. 800.955.5247.

Vantage PPO makes every effort to ensure that this listing is accurate; however, it is the ultimate responsibility of the patient to verify with the provider that he/she participates with the Vantage PPO. Some plans may exclude certain providers from being accessed by their members.  It is suggested that at the time of a patient’s appointment, the patient present his/her most recent health insurance ID card to the provider office staff.

Please remember that not every provider in a group practice may be participating and that some office locations of a particular provider may not be participating. Patients are encouraged to be specific when verifying provider participation. When patients are referred to providers for additional medical services like x-ray procedures and lab tests, they should confirm that these providers participate with Vantage PPO.

Some patients may be covered by a health plan that accesses a restricted portion of the Vantage PPO. It is also the patient’s responsibility to either verify with their human resource department, Vantage PPO or their plan administrator that the provider is participating in their specific health plan.

All treatments and services may not be covered and the patient should verify this with his/her third party administrator prior to receiving care by contacting their human resource department and/or their insurer.

The Vantage PPO will not be liable for any charges that are not covered as a result of receiving care from a provider listed on this site.